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 Finlandia Foundation of Michigan in the News

The Board of Directors is proud to announce that we have adopted a new name and logo.

 We are now known as the Finlandia Foundation of Michigan!

What does that mean for my tax-deductible donations? Great news – our 501(c)(3) status remains completely unchanged, and your donations to the Finlandia Foundation of Michigan continue to be fully deductible for most tax situations. Contributions support the preservation of Finnish & American culture and history.

Why change the name? The Board sought to emphasize our participation as a longtime chapter of the Finlandia Foundation National, which contributes to our offerings with grants and guidance.  As we expand our programs and services throughout Michigan, our name identifies our operating footprint.  Also, we wanted to avoid confusion with members-only clubs and businesses which have not earned the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status that the Finlandia Foundation of Michigan enjoys.

What is the story behind the new logo design? The logo was inspired by Michigan’s special natural highlights.  In addition to our stylized birch leaf, the colors represent the minerals (copper), timber (green) and waters (blue).  (But graduates of the largest universities here will surely recognize the blue and the green having other meanings!)

Will the Finlandia Foundation of Michigan continue to work with and support other Finnish organizations? Absolutely! We have a history of cooperative efforts with all kinds of groups.  We intend to continue our programs with other chapters of the Finlandia Foundation and other Finnish-American organizations (such a, Finn Camp, Finlandia University, FinnFest, Salolampi Foundation, etc.) Finlandia Foundation of Michigan remains open to cooperation and partnership toward charitable causes in support of our mission. Got an idea? Run it by the Board and apply for a mini-grant!

How can I help the Finlandia Foundation of Michigan? The simplest way to support the preservation of Finnish American culture and history is to send a check to our address in Royal Oak.  We keep our operating overhead very low, with no obligations of office rent, utilities, real estate taxes or repairs; nearly all your donation go straight to programs. Remember to keep track of your donations for tax purposes. Make sure to include your home address, so we can return a tax statement to you.  Kiitos!

 The Finlandia Foundation of Michigan offers support for education, educational scholarships and heritage  programs of Nordic countries. Persons interested in learning more about their heritage and culture are welcome to become supporting members. Supporting membership in the FFMi is $25.00 per member per year. Membership applications are available by email at, or by calling 248-549-4056.

Do you have a project that would promote our Finnish American culture and heritage? Then we would like to encourage you to submit a request for funding through our Mini Grant process.

Small grants for worthy projects are always available from the FFMi.

An updated information sheet and grant application are now available.

Click HERE to view and download a .pdf copy of the application.

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Support Finnish Culture.

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Please download our Membership Application and mail or deliver to any board member.

Donations can be made by calling 248-549-4056.